Farming Practices

Veronica's Garden is not certified organic. That being said, all of the vegetables/fruit we grow are not sprayed or treated with anything but natural materials. If we have an insect or blight problem, we attempt to correct it with organic controls. We use organic fertilizers and clean soil.  We use disease resistant varieties when they are available, but not genetically modified seeds or plants.  We also produce our own compost which yields about 40 yards a year.

Latest comments

02.04 | 15:08

Is pick up available at your danbury farm stand for csa members?

10.01 | 20:23

Hi Maureen, we are now accepting applications for the 2016 CSA season. Please fill out the form on the website, return with your check and you will be set!

25.09 | 15:13

Hi Maureen, we won't be taking applications for 2016 until January. Please send an email with your info so we can keep a spot for you,

22.09 | 18:27

Can I send in an application for the 2016 season now?